Deck preparation

Preparing for the new super structure.

Removing the wooden deck was essential to allow us to build the new superstructure which would later become the saloon (living room) and dining area.

Work included removal of all the wood, the legs of the old a-frame, the access hatch to the fish hold and all those bolts securing the deck down.

The wood was Ironwood (also known as Ipe (pronounced E-PAY). It’s a very dense tropical hardwood resistant to rot and fire, perfect for steel decks and very hard to remove!

The rope monster also had to go. We kept the best of the ropes until we would commission new ones.

We did this work in 2005, supervised by the lovely Lexie who we had rescued from a horrendous existence in 2004.

During this work, we acquired a crane to help us with the removal of all the steel and the wood.